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Bio Sketch
Dr. Laurence Preble

Laurence Preble was first introduced to chiropractic during his senior year at Vanderbilt University. Most college students suffer from the symptoms of stress from time to time. Student Preble, however, had more stressors than usual. It wasn't enough that he was on the Dean's list for high academic performance, nor was it enough that he was enrolled in a special Honors Program which required graduate level work. It was not even enough for Preble to help pay his own bills working two part time jobs as computer programmer and as night watchman. Student Preble also had decided that he was also going to finish his four-year degree in only three years by taking a substantial course overload.

Preble did manage to maintain the pace, graduate Cum Laude and with special honors in his major area of study: this was not without cost, however. Frequent and severe headaches were the price.

Virtually every nostrum had been tried without relief. Preble even signed into an experimental biofeedback program. The biofeedback did help him relax but the headaches continued.

Margaret Owens and another acquaintance suggested chiropractic care. It was not until chiropractic care was begun that the headaches were brought under control and eventually eliminated. Preble was so impressed with chiropractic that he grabbed the opportunity and enrolled in Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis. Coincidentally, Margaret also became a student at Logan. (Or was it really just coincidence? Click underlined links to find out.)

The next four years were not a free ride. Education funds were limited. Preble borrowed what he could and worked when he could to make ends meet. Margaret Owens, with a few more family resources, lived a modest existence in the women’s dormitory on campus.

For Laurence, ends did not always quite meet the way he wanted. Funds were exhausted after just one semester at Logan. Preble had been staying in the men's dormitory, with just $50 per month rent. When even that small amount was too much, Preble began living outdoors in a forested area. A hammock and a tent were his home. Squirrels and Blue Jays were his neighbors.

Toward the end of summer, Preble found a job waiting tables in a tuxedo at a fancy restaurant. He sold his car to help pay tuition and rode to work, tuxedo and all, on a motorcycle.

About that time, he and the lovely Ms. Owens were becoming closer friends. Margaret was of invaluable help. She loaned books and even her car at times.

Life at Logan finally stabilized to a degree. Laurence Preble became more financially secure and Margaret Owens became Margaret Preble. During the required clinical training, the Prebles became a team. This teamwork has carried over to the present.

The Prebles now have two offices, one in La Grange, Kentucky and the other in Louisville, Kentucky. They have been practicing together since 1978.

Avocational Interests.

Chiropractic and holistic health care come first and foremost in the doctors’ professional lives; however, the Drs. Preble have many eclectic interests. In addition to being a doctor of chiropractic, Margaret has an additional degree in Fine Arts. Prior to entering Logan College of Chiropractic, she worked for some time at Columbia Records, designing album covers. Her own image appears in the background of one of the many album covers she designed. Margaret’s interest in art has continued through the years as she still enjoys creating arts and crafts as a hobby. She is skilled in Calligraphy, artistic woodwork, painting and drawing.

Dr. Larry earned his pilot's license in 1979 and then went on to become a qualified commercial pilot and instructor. He loves to fly and takes great pleasure in introducing young aviators to the joy of flying at Bowman Airport. While still a student at Logan College of Chiropractic, Preble built his first computer based on the Motorola 6800 microprocessor. He built his second computer in 1979 thereby becoming the first chiropractor in the area to use computing power in the office. He has written articles on chiropractic ergonomics and various computer topics for Rainbow Magazine and Professional Computing Magazine. In 1989, Dr. Preble wrote "Chiropractic Freedom," bookkeeping software for the chiropractic office.

In 1991, both Drs. Margaret and Larry Preble hosted a radio call-in talk show, "Up Front about Backs" on WLKY AM 790. The same year, their first and only child was born, Rick Preble.

In the 90's, the family Preble began accepting foreign exchange students into their home for one year at a time. Dr. Larry became fascinated by the experience and has learned to speak fluent German. Margaret has thoroughly enjoyed the experience too and has been especially pleased to have these wonderful “siblings” for their son Rick.

Dr. Larry no longer drives to work on a motorcycle. Of current interest is the efficient and ergonomic recumbent bicycle. Dr. Preble can be seen on the roads of Oldham, Henry, Trimble and Jefferson County maintaining his fitness by commuting to the YMCA on his unusual but comfortable Lightning R84, complete with wind fairing and GPS navigation system. Margaret also has an interest in fitness. Both can often be seen riding or working out at the YMCA.

Bio Sketch
Dr. Margaret Preble

Margaret Preble was first introduced to chiropractic two years after she graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design.  She moved from her lifetime home in Atlanta, Georgia to Nashville, Tennessee with the intention of getting a job in her field and sharing an apartment with a good friend and prior college room mate from Franklin, Tennessee. 

She carried a large portfolio of her work all over Nashville for weeks and had to settle temporarily for a job as a waitress in a beer saloon.  Fortunately, the need for that job didn’t last too long and she found employment in an advertising agency which was right down her alley of specialization.  From there she had jobs in a printing company and finally as assistant to the art director of Columbia Records.  This last job required sitting at a drafting table, sometimes ten hours a day.  When she stood up her back had a hard time straightening up and other symptoms began to occur such as shoulder and neck tension and discomfort sitting.

Chiropractic care was recommended by several friends.  Initially Margaret scoffed at this idea as she had come from a medically oriented family, but friendly persistence on the part of her friends encouraged her to at least give it a try.  The first treatment was quite an eye opener.  The symptoms not only disappeared, the whole body felt light and energetic.
The chiropractor not only adjusted her spine, he recommended exercise, diet and attitude changes.  She was so impressed with chiropractic that she applied to the same school that her chiropractor had attended in St. Louis, Missouri, Logan College of Chiropractic.

The next four years were difficult to say the least.  After she had graduated from the University she had declared that to be the end of formal education.  Twenty years were enough!  Now she was back in the classroom studying Chemistry, which was a killer, Pathology, Anatomy, Physiology, Neurology and on and on.  It was far more intense than the basic sciences needed for a BA degree. 

A friend from Nashville and a graduate of Vanderbilt University, Laurence Preble, decided to apply himself to chiropractic at around the same time and he too was accepted at Logan College.  The two became best friends and spent many hours together.  He could probably be considered the reason she got though Chemistry alive.  They were married on May 8, 1976.

Two more years remained before graduation.  The loans Margaret had acquired as a single person were cut off when she married so it was school by  day and waiting tables by night and on weekends.  Occasionally, she made advertising posters and brochures for the restaurant and surrounding businesses to supplement their income.  Larry also worked as a waiter and occasional inventor.  Together they shared an apartment, a car, a job, classes, clinic and many a cup of coffee.  

The Prebles graduated in 1978 and continue to share their lives in La Grange, Kentucky.  They have two offices now and separate cars but share everything else as always.  They have a son, Rick, who was born in 1991 and who brings even more to their relationship.

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